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Hi, I’m Stephanie Dasher

I’m the founder of The Sea Salt Co. I live in Florida and love the pristeen beaches, white sand, and the salty ocean and air. In fact, that’s why I chose The Sea Salt Co. as our name. Plus, my favorite color is pink so Sea Salt was a perfect representation of who I am what I wanted the brand to represent — freedom, passion, and creativity.

I started working with clay as a form of therapy. It’s my happy place. I am stress free when I am creating.

Kickstart Your Creativity

Our passion is making it easier for you to create the best products possible for your customers, family, friends, colleagues, or followers. One way we do that is by posting detailed tutorials on ways you can utilize our tools and products.

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I’m Passionate About What I Do

I started The Sea Salt Co out of frustration of not finding the types of products, clay cutters and other tools, that I needed to create what I was envisioning in my mind. I decided to buy a 3D printer so I could design and make my own cutters.

Soon, my clay-cutting peers were curious about what I was making and began asking if I would sell them my cutters. A little star(fish?) was born.

I love to spend time with my family. We love going to the beach, hiking, visiting Florida’s many popular theme parks, and experiencing any outdoor adventure you can think of.

I draw a lot of my inspiration from my family and things that we experience/see in nature. You’ll notice some of my artwork sprinkled throughout the site — hope you enjoy!

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