Hello Makers!

Let’s talk about colors and clay. Choosing the right colors for our clay pieces is more important than you may think. Not only can we express ourselves, and our brand, through colors but we can also relate with our customers!

I can shamefully admit that I have made my share of purchases solely due to the color of a product. Explaining to my husband why the pink Keurig is a necessity vs the perfectly functioning black coffee maker we already owned is an art form I have mastered. So now that we have established I have a shopping and pink problem let’s agree that Keurig was very smart by adding color options! They were able to relate to a market (me) that may have never purchased their product if it weren’t for the dreamy colors.

I like to think about my customers and the colors in my pieces that may appeal to them on a personal level. I feel strongly that colors make a direct impact on our sales.

So I am going to share my color recipes and I am going to do it for FREE! Yes, that’s right, FREE! I will be adding my color recipes to this blog so be sure check back in often. If there is a color you would really love to see added leave a comment and I will try to get to them all.

Signing off with love and light for everyone!

Xoxo – Steph

How To Use My Recipes

Materials needed:

  1. Large clay cutter in any shape (I used a square in my example below).
  2. Polymer Clay Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, and White & Black.


  1. Roll all of your clay colors out in the same thicknesses.
  2. Cut the number of pieces for each color in your recipe.
  3. Mix colors together. That’s it! You can lighten or darken the color by adding more white or black.

The Next Five Colors are my Easter Palette for 2023. I hope you enjoy these soft beautiful colors!

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