70’s Cutter Bundle

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Full set of 70’s clay cutters for polymer clay, dough, and fondant. Made with strongest PLA cutters will not bend when applying pressure during your cuts.

Included in bundle:

1. Flower Power cutter set

2. Spring Bloom flower cutter set

3. Van

4. Mushroom

5. Peace Sign

6. Hand Peace Sign

Skill level 1-3: 1

For best results:

Cut clay on a shiny flat surface such as glass or tile.

For soft sticky clay. Dip the cutter into water or cornstarch and tap excess off. The cutter will not stick to your clay.


Cutters have 1 wall that tappers from wide to sharp cutting edge. These cutters allow for strength while still having precise clean cuts

Beveled handle allows for easy removal

Made with food safe PLA 

Not dishwasher safe. Clean with warm soapy water and air dry


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