Rectangle Bezel Back Clay Cutter


Bezel Back Rectangle clay cutter.  Plastic clay cutters are ideal for use with polymer clay and other mixed medias. No more bent and distorted metal cutters. Our clay cutters are sturdy  and will not lose their shape.

Skill level 1-3: 3

Measurements:  All sizes measure 0.75 inch wide

Clay for this type of cutter should be rolled thinner. If using an Atlas Pasta machine roll at a #3.

**Tip: It is best to cut your clay on the tile surface that you will be baking your clay on. This will prevent having to move your clay piece and distorting the shape.**


For best results:

Cut clay on a shiny flat surface such as glass or tile.

For soft sticky clay. Dip the cutter into cornstarch and tap excess off. The cutter will not stick to your clay.



Tapered cutting wall for strength and precision

Top lip for easy gripping and added support

Made with food safe PLA

Not dishwasher safe. Wash with cold soapy water and air dry.

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