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Pink Flamingos Stephologies

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Pink Flamingos pattern on our exclusive Stepholoigies technology transfer sheets for light clay.

Stephologies For Light Clay: These transfers will work best with white and very light colored clays.

Stephologies For Dark Clay: These transfers will work on all color clay including black.

Stephologies Dimensions: Image area 3.7 inches x 4.65 inches.

Stephologies Transfer instructions :

Place onto polymer clay image side face down. Smooth onto clay with roller ensuring there are no trapped air bubbles. Add water onto transfer and wait 45 seconds. Gently slide away white paper baking. Using slippery side of paper baking pat image down and gently wipe away water. Do not bake wet as water droplets will pool and add color changes. Images transfer with crisp images and vibrant colors in seconds! Do not bake with transfer sheet on clay remove prior to baking.


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