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Sports Balls Clay Tattoo Sheets

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Multiple different sports balls clay tattoo sheets. Simply press onto your polymer clay, rub onto clay, and wet with water. The tattoo paper will melt away. Do not bake paper. Images transfer with vibrant crisp colors in seconds! Sizing: The stud tattoos work with a 0.6 inch circle. The Dangle tattoos work with a 1.25 inches circle. Basketball – Dangles – makes 15 pairs. Studs – makes 50 pairs. Baseball- Dangles – makes 18 pairs. Studs – makes 50 pairs. Soccer – Dangle – makes 15 pairs. Stud – makes 55 pairs. ***Do not bake with transfer sheet on clay remove prior to baking. Bake a small test piece as color changes may happen Set includes: 2 Large slab sheets Instructions: place clay onto tile, place tattoo image side down onto clay, rub tattoo sheet flat onto clay, hold under gentle running water until all paper has melted away.

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